Bringing the community together through music since 1967.

Sonoma Hometown Band marching in Sonoma's 4th of July Parade

Spring Concert

Saturday March 24th

2pm  at Faith Lutheran Church

19355 Arnold Drive, Sonoma


Trumpet and Clarinet

The Band has its roots in Sonoma as far back as 1848 with the Vallejo Garrison Band. We are the oldest local band in Sonoma County. The band is comprised of 100 percent volunteers. The current version of the Band was organized in 1967 when Richard Schneider retired as the music director at Sonoma Valley High School. Mr. Schneider got together with some of our town’s musicians and recent graduates of SVHS to form an extracurricular band. Several members have been with the band from its start.

The Sonoma Hometown Band has been a feature of the Sonoma Independence Day Parade since 1967. We are a true hometown band, open to anyone who has ever played a band instrument. We think that we look patriotic in our white shirts, straw boaters and red, white and blue sashes. Since the beginning though, we have had competition. The parade officials decided they needed two bands. Enter the “Other Town Band,” decidedly less professional-looking than the Sonoma Band in costumes and funny hats. We take a short-cut through the park and come around again. The whole town is in on it, and it is great fun.

For the Fourth of July, the core band of some 30 members is joined by members who have moved farther away, swelling to about 60. For many, it’s a time to catch up with the hometown relatives and band members they only see once a year.

Richard Sneider organized the current version of the Hometown Band and was our Director of Music from 1967 to 2011. In 2007 he was chosen as the “Sonoma Art Treasure of the Year.” The Band also awards the annual Richard Schneider Scholarship to deserving local music students.

In 1986, the Hometown Band began performing concerts! Today, the Band’s season goes from October through July the 4th. Currently conducted by John Partridge, we are a group of local musicans of all ages and backgrounds who perform free concerts and musical accompaniment at at some of Sonoma’s public events.

Two Christmas Concerts, two Spring Concerts, the 4th of July Parade, Sonoma’s Memorial Day Ceremony and at various community events.


Come be part of the tradition and the fun!.

Richard Schneider Scholarship

Sonoma Hometown Band Young Musician’s Scholarship

Richard Schneider has dedicated his life to making the world a better place through music. Mr. Schneider was our Sonoma Valley High School Music Director. He organized the current version of the Hometown Band and was our Director of Music from 1967 to 2011. In 2007 Richard Schneider was chosen as “Sonoma Art Treasure of the Year.” It is fitting and proper that we honor him by naming our scholarship in his name. Thank you Mr. Schneider.

The Richard Schneider Sonoma Hometown Band Young Musicians Scholarship is a little different than most scholarships. Our scholarship is designed to encourage younger students. Applicants must be between the ages of 12 years and 18 years old. It is our goal to promote local talented players of band instruments and to help them move ahead with their training.The awards may be used for any musical needs of the winner such as private lessons, instrument maintenance, or towards the purchase of a new instrument, as well as for participation in activites such as jazz camp.

We are thankful to Kaz Maraku for continuously helping provide funds for the scholarships.

How to Apply ● Dates ● Application


We welcome potential new members to join us in rehearsals on Sunday evenings. If you play a band instrument (or used to play and have thought that you might like to take it up again) you may
email Mary Wimberley
or call (707) 252-2993

for more information.

“I enjoy and respect the Hometown Band because to me it is a living example of the word community, in this case a community band. We accept all musicians regardless of their individual musical skills, no questions asked so long as they exhibit the desire to play with the group.

Over past years, we have lost some skilled musicians who would have likely improved the overall sound of the band. After attending a few rehearsals they drop out, probably feeling as though they were overqualified. Somehow they miss our concept; we are a true community band: come one come all.”

– Jim Bundschu

Band members